We Need You! (Monday, Sept. 4)


17-09.04 - Event FlierOHSU student nurses and PHOENIX Rising Transitions are hosting this event to strengthen our community connections. Anyone who has been to a PHOENIX class knows the deep transformation that can take place when community members and people in prison have a conversation. We are hoping for new friends at this event, but we need you – the ever-faithful PHOENIX volunteer, mentee or former mentee to attend so that the community can experience first-hand the transformation that is possible when people talk face-to-face. So join us on Labor Day evening. Bring your friends! Bring your neighbors! Bring your family! We look forward to seeing you!

Oregon Public House is a nonprofit that supports the work of other nonprofits. They will donate a percentage of food and beverage sales from throughout the day (11:30 a.m. – 10:00 p.m.) to PHOENIX. So in addition to the event itself, stop by for a bite to eat that day and support PHOENIX Rising Transitions!

Please note: Oregon Public House gets 2/3 of their sales from food and is considered a restaurant by post prison supervision standards. If you are unsure, please check with your parole officer about attending this event. Our event itself will be in the ballroom. We are NOT serving any alcohol.

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Our most recent team of OHSU School of Nursing students, Samantha Ross and Ariana Cooley, compiled this 36-page booklet that brings together three years of student research and our stories about the impact of incarceration on health and what we as a community can do. This is packed with research, information, stories, interviews and the PHOENIX model of building a culture of relationships. Download a copy here: